AnteaterTV (ATV) came to fruition as a club at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) campus in 2010 by Odalis Suarez. In 2013-2014, the club suffered a low point leaving only two members, Ella Rosenfeld and Max Richter. It was the union between Max and Michaela Holland, who at the time wrote for NewU, that revived the ATV club. Through a UROP funded project, Michaela and Max were able to bring attention to the AnteaterTV club, which was taken under the wing of Student Government and Student Media’s Executive Director, Stephanie Van Ginkel, as an official media organization of UCI. It was here that AnteaterTV grew into one of the biggest student media on campus, with over 100 interns at one point. AnteaterTV’s Lynslee Mercado took over as President for the 2017-2018 academic year. Today, the number of interns have dwindled down to the 50 best of the best marketing and content creation interns. Current President and President for the 2018-2020 Academic Years, Hannah Koury, shifted the logistics and management of AnteaterTV and added a new department for AnteaterTV titled ATV News. New segments such as Ask an Anteater and quarter-long documentary projects also become a tradition within AnteaterTV, all culminating in an end-of-quarter Showcase. Since fall 2018, a day-long Orientation was put into affect at the start of fall quarters and interns were required to attend training and meet fellow interns prior to starting the internship. Today, ATV is broken up into two departments: Content Creation (reporters, anchors for ATV News, videographers and editors) and Marketing. Since the start of its creation, ATV’s goal is to create a platform for visual media creation, one that helps undergraduate students gain experience in management, videography, editing, acting, reporting, etc.


Mission Statement

Our mission statement is “AnteaterTV: Visual media created for students, by students.” AnteaterTV is the only student-run visual media organization on the UCI campus. As an organization, we strive to document events and share community knowledge at UCI through our production of photo and video content.



AnteaterTV allows students at UCI to stay up to date on current events on campus, through news-style videos, to unify the Anteater community as a whole. Through our internship, we provide undergraduate journalists, photographers, videographers, and leaders with fast-paced, hands-on experience, which is vital to the workforce in this industry. We give our interns something to put on their resume that shows that they are able to produce or manage their own projects. Ultimately, our goal is to help students build their portfolios when applying to professional internships, which will increase their chances for job opportunities.