Executive Board

Meet the creative leaders of AnteaterTV.

My name is Jonathan Ochoa, Executive Director and Director of Productions here at AnteaterTV. I am a fourth year finishing my studies in environmentalism currently emphasizing policy and engineering. I am originally from Ecuador but moved to the states when I was 5, and lived most of my life in LA – specifically the San Fernando Valley.

Jonathan Ochoa

Director of Production
Hi everyone! My name is Sam (she/her) and I am a 4th year double majoring in Business Administration and Urban Studies. I’m excited to serve as ATV’s Vice President this year and I look forward to working with everyone this upcoming year! I have had the great pleasure to see the creativity and passion within ATV, and as VP I hope to continue facilitating this environment by supporting everyone and making sure that everyone has the resources needed to learn and grow in their role.

Samantha Lo

Vice President

Hi everyone! My name is Lauryn Nakamura (she/her) and I am a 4th year majoring in Psychological Science. I’m excited to serve as ATV’s Director of Human Resources & Community Development for the 2023-2024 school year. I will also be serving as a Creative Director for the ATV News Department. My favorite part of ATV has to be the people and being able to connect with those who have similar interests. I can’t wait to work with you all and see what we will do with ATV this year!

Lauryn Nakamura

Director of Human Resources

Hey this is Haohan or Howie (he/him). I’m a junior studying Business Economics and am from Troy, Michigan! I’m the Director of Finance this year! I joined ATV because it is a great community for creatives and anyone that wants to get involved with anything media related on and off campus. My favorite aspect of ATV is definitely the people. Working alongside so many talented people amongst the board and interns has been an amazing experience.

Howie Wang

Director of Finance

My name is Lesly Silva and my preferred pronouns are she/her. I am the Assistant Director of Finance; this is my first year working with ATV and I am super excited. I am currently entering my 3rd year and I am majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis on accounting. I am from Escondido, CA, it can be very boring at times so I’m happy to be back in Irvine soon.

Lesly Silva

Assistant Director of Finance

I’m Kenneth Wright and my pronouns are he/him. I am a Film & Media studies major in my 4th year here at UCI. I joined ATV this past spring as an Intern and I am excited to serve as the Chief Marketing Officer for this academic year. Before coming to UCI, I graduated with a Marketing Degree from Los Angeles City College and have worked on projects with Snapchat & Issa Rae’s coffee shop Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen. My favorite part of ATV is the Zot Sessions! I’m a huge music fan and am looking forward to working on some of those episodes this school year.

Kenneth Wright

Chief Marketing Officer

Hi! You can call me Jennifer (she/her) and I am a sophomore majoring in Public Health Policy! I will be serving as a co-director alongside Caitlyn for ATV’s marketing team this year and I’m thrilled for everything that we’ll be working towards throughout this year! Actively pursuing content creation with my passion for graphic design really blended together when serving under the marketing team. This year, the goal remains the same: to continue to expand ATV’s media presence through multiple creative outlooks.

Jennifer Hyun

Director of Social Media Marketing

Hi there, my name is Caitlyn Timotius (she/her) and I am a Junior majoring in Literary Journalism! I will be ATV’s Co-Marketing Director this year and am very excited for the future of ATV. I hope to work in Public Relations in the future and publish my own self-help/lifestyle journal. I love TV shows/movies and am always down for boba or coffee any time of the day.

Caitlyn Timotius

Director of Social Media Marketing

Hi everyone! My name is Jasdeep Singh, but please call me Jaz (He/Him). I am a 4th year majoring in Business administration with an emphasis in organization and management as well as information systems. I’m excited to serve as the Director of Outreach for ATV this year, and I look forward to working with all the new interns, returning interns, and the board for this upcoming year.

Jasdeep Singh

Director of Outreach

My name is Stephanie Wong and I’m the Co-Director of Zot Sessions. Last year I had the honor of working with Jonathan on HotSpots as the Producer and I’m excited to be taking more creative direction this year! I am a 3rd year finishing up my studies in Business Admin. With a Digital Arts minor. I was born and raised in Orange County but moved to Hong Kong when I was 7 and moved back to SoCal for high school by myself. Basically moved back and forth living half my life in OC and half in HK.

Stephanie Wong

Director of Zot Sessions

I’m Chloe Pascal and I use she/her/they pronouns! I’m a sophomore at UCI and I’m studying film and media and global cultures. I’m the co director of ATV’s Zot Sessions and I’m really looking forward to this year in ATV! What I bring to ATV is a desire to be involved in productions and work with creative people. My favorite part of ATV is the possibility to make great content and gain experience in every step of the filmmaking process.

Chloe Pascal

Director of Zot Sessions

Hi! My name is Therese Lagrimas (she/her) and I am a second year film and media studies major. I am your HotSpots Director for ATV this year. Even though I was born on the east coast, I have lived in SoCal for most of my life. I reside in Murrieta, CA– however, I also consider San Diego and Orange County to be my homes away from home!

Therese Lagrimas

Director of HotSpots

My name is Sophia Hobby, and I go by she/her. I am currently a third year student pursuing a degree in Psychological Science with a deep passion for Entertainment Management. At ATV, I hold the position of HotSpots Producer where I am dedicated to ensuring seamless and high-quality content delivery that highlights local food and fashion gems for UCI students.

Sophia Hobby

Producer of HotSpots

Hi! My name is Ella, I go by she/her/hers pronouns, and I am a second-year FMS major. My current position is Director of Podcasts and prior I was a production intern for the team from Fall 2022 to Spring 2023. I took the idea of making the most of an organization that has the ability to pursue my passions and grow as a creator.

Ella Fried

Director of Podcast

My name is Ivy, the Producer of Podcasts at ATV. Preferred pronouns are she/her. I am a fourth year Film and Media Studies major and Business Administration minor. My favorite part of ATV is everyone’s enormous enthusiasm. I love working with a lot of young people filled with energy and creativity. We plan to create several fun podcast series this new academic year, like sharing UCI clubs and courses to all the students.

Ivy Zhang

Producer of Podcast