Content Creation

At ATV, we cover various aspects of UCI as well as give a platform for creative Anteaters.

The ATV Arts department strives to showcase the artistic creativity of students at UCI. From art exhibitions, dance, drama, and music, ATV arts provides insight and appreciation into the process of creating such art. We represent Claire Trevor School of the Arts (CTSA) events in a paid contract with Jaime DeJong, and strive to foster an appreciation and need for the arts at UCI. 

The AnteaterTV Campus Life department covers events, clubs and student life on the UC Irvine campus. Our videos mainly highlight campus-wide events, but we also collaborate with other departments to produce content about health, sports, politics and the arts. Anything related to student life at UCI is our concern. We keep students at UCI up to date through creative and fun videos that ultimately show what it’s like to be an Anteater.

The Hot Spots Team of Anteater TV travels around Irvine and the greater Orange County area to find the best spots for food and drinks to bring to the attention of all. We work on an interview and food review style looking into their background and inspiration.

ATV News was developed in January 2019 and strives to create a weekly news show that discusses important events happening around campus for the week, including campus life, arts and sporting events. ATV News has expanded to include new segments, anchors, and more, the past academic year.

The Special Projects Division of Anteater TV is dedicated to producing high-quality video content for you and our partners. While Anteater TV as a whole focuses on current events in culture and around campus, the special projects teams are here to handle projects that require a longer time commitment. We have writers, directors, cinematographers, editors, and more working together to create pieces that highlight the stories Irvine has to offer.

ZotTalks is a video podcast that reflects the UCI community. Its main purpose is to entertain the student body by engaging in conversation about UCI culture, hot topics, relevant political issues, or whatever the anchors bring up that day. The structure of it is that it is going to be unstructured. Just a conversation between the viewer and some friends.

Zot Sessions is a production team at Anteater TV that uplifts the musical talent of folks at UCI and the greater OC community. Our team gets to know musicians and creates content that connects their music with imagery that conveys the background and voice of the artist. Our content consists of filmed studio sessions, music videos, or a combination of the two.