Our Fundraising and Finances department directs the plans for Anteater TV to .

The Fundraising and Finance team takes leadership in brainstorming & executing fundraising ideas in order to bring funds into ATV. Working within the finance department in order to plan 2-3 fundraisers a month in order to reach out goals  and manage the ingoing and outgoing funds of ATV.

The ATV Marketing department manages Anteater Television’s social media platforms.

The Marketing department at Anteater TV seeks to increase ATV’s presence among the UCI community through promoting ATV’s various series produced throughout the year on various social media platforms. In addition, we work with other people and organizations to creat relevant and relatable content for the student body.

The Outreach department plays a critical part in managing relations between ATV and outside organization to showcases the best of what ATV has to offer.

Whether is be a new restaurant for HotSpots or a new artist for ZotSessions, we are in charge of connecting various opportunities to the production teams. We also coordinate behind the scenes content creation so our audience gets a first look at how we develop new media and and exclusive look at our productions in process. 

The Socials team deals with the internal operations of Anteater TV.

 The biggest goal of the Socials team is to create an environment that fosters interdepartmental relationships and retention in Anteater TV. Socials department  works on student relations to facilitate these relationships and collaborations by hosting social events and general meetings in which all members of Anteater TV participate to exchange experiences and ideas.

Anteater Spotlight

We want to shine a light on members of the student body and community, we feature Anteaters on our instagram and social media. If you feel one of our Anteaters should be featured follow the button bellow and let us know!